This section is home to beautiful rugs but ones where we only have very limited stock.  


We have dyed rugs and curly rugs and Shearling.   Some rugs are whole and some have very limited stitching on the reverse.


Dyed Rugs: Sheepskin rugs are very difficult to photograph, especially the coloured rugs.  If you are unsure please contact us and we will try and give you a more detailed description.  The prices reflect if there is stitching or no stitching on the reservse of the rug.


Curly: the Sheepskin in naturally curly, therefore the curl is not even throughout the rug.


Shearling:  a shearling sheepskin rug is a short pile rug, more functional that beautiful.  These rugs are ideal for use on a chair, or on a bed under a sheet, instead of an electric blanket, on a wheelchair or under a saddle.


Approximate sizes are:

Small    90 x 60cms

Medium      95 x 65cms

Large     100 x 70

XLarge     105 x 75


However the shape of the sheepskin is unique to the sheep so some are shorter and wider and others are longer and thinner.

One-Off Rugs

  • We understand that some of the coloured rugs are not always the desired colours and we are happy to refund the rug on return if it is not right.  Sadly we can not offer free returns.

  • Please be aware the the coloured rugs are dyed.  There may be a chance of colour transference.  If the rug is left in direct sunlight the colour may fade over time.